Making a difference

Over the next five years Midlands Together expects that more than 150 people will have worked on projects with us. Each one of those people will receive support and training as they engage in the world of work, perhaps for the first time.

Our partners specialize in working with people who struggle with barriers to employment and bringing some structure to chaotic lifestyles is bound to help.

Rather than take our word for it, here are some real views on how the Together model has helped make a difference.

  • Darren

    Darren’s story

    Darren has been in and out of prison since he was a teenager and is now in his mid-thirties. He never completed his education and the only formal training he has received is while in prison. He has engaged in numerous recovery programmes and back to work initiatives but none…

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  • Shane

    Shane’s story

    Shane would admit that his weakness is drugs and particularly drink. He is a hard worker but has lost previous jobs and gone to prison as a result of too much drink. Shane has been determined to overcome this problem and not without difficulties is on the brink…

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  • Darren D

    Darren D’s story

    Darren has spent most of his adult life in prison and is currently on supervision on a life licence for convictions that will never be spent. Darren joined the project late July 2014 and has been supported by RE Enterprises. Darren has worked on Lanfranc House and St Wulstan’s Crescent bungalow…

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  • Lloyd

    Lloyd’s story

    Lloyd is a 52 year old male who has served a prison sentence for gun crime. Lloyd is passionate about helping others to steer clear of making the choices that he has made in life. Lloyd gains an enormous amount of positive respect from the younger employees as he is…

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  • Luke

    Luke’s story

    Luke (34) began the program in January and, from the start, proved to be reliable, hard-working and committed to work. He had been through a fairly traumatic period in his life in the few years before joining us and was very open about what had happened to him and…

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  • Remell

    Remell’s story

    Remell (18) began the program in January although he had been labouring for us for several weeks before the Christmas break. He had been in trouble as a teenager and had often found himself in with the wrong crowd. He really needed something to focus his attention and…

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  • Ryan

    Ryan’s story

    Ryan (19) joined the program very late in June 2015 due to a space becoming available. His mother had contacted Jericho because she was eager to steer him away from the negative influences he was surrounded with and away from a life-style of crime. Ryan admitted that adjusting to…

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  • Shakeem

    Shakeem’s story

    Shakeem (21) began working for us in late 2014, and started the program in April 2015. He was a quiet and fairly shy individual who was keen to put his mistakes behind him and focus on being a provider and father for his baby daughter.

    He had some building skills…

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  • Tacumba

    Tacumba’s story

    Tacumba (25) began the program in April 2015 after working for a short while with Inspired Steps CIC on a project in Walsall. He had served a long sentence so had spent almost of his adult life so far in prison. This meant that the world of work…

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