Making a difference

Lloyd’s story

Lloyd is a 52 year old male who has served a prison sentence for gun crime. Lloyd is passionate about helping others to steer clear of making the choices that he has made in life. Lloyd gains an enormous amount of positive respect from the younger employees as he is able to engage with them on issues that he himself has struggled with and can identify with their situations. Lloyd is an incredibly hard worker on site and keeps himself physically fit by going to the gym and eating healthily. As such he has encouraged others to look after themselves and ensures that everyone eats a balanced diet including fruit and vegetables. Lloyd’s passion for helping his colleagues has led him to become a Site Mentor as he works alongside the other supervisors to support his colleagues. Lloyd has learnt how to use the Outcomes Star to measure the development and change of those he is mentoring.

Lloyd, and his colleague Craig, have built the lift shaft at Hestia House from the small beginnings of a hole made in the concrete to a shaft which connects all three floors. This has been a project on which the two employees have become mentor and mentee developing a strong rapport, sense of pride and accomplishment.