Making a difference

Remell’s story

Remell (18) began the program in January although he had been labouring for us for several weeks before the Christmas break. He had been in trouble as a teenager and had often found himself in with the wrong crowd. He really needed something to focus his attention and keep him on the right path.

Although Remell had some experience of construction through an earlier college course, he was new to work life and the personal discipline and motivation that went with a full-time job. He mostly needed support with personal organisation and motivation, for example, punctuality, attendance, focusing on tasks, etc.

In the beginning Remell was attracted to carpentry due to his previous experience, however he later showed a strong interest in plumbing too. He has been an all-rounder on site but has gained particular experience and skills building stud walls, plaster boarding, plumbing and pipe-work, assembling suspended ceilings and pre-fabricated timber sections, site maintenance and logistics. He completed a one-day health and safety course and is due to get his CSCS Labourers card shortly.

Remell has had tough times throughout the program, with several people close to him dying or being seriously injured. Even under that strain he has kept focused and level-headed. He has become road-legal on his motorbike and has been working on a healthier lifestyle and improving his diet.

At times Remell has had a bumpy journey with us, including struggling with attending work every day, arriving on time, and staying focused while at work. By the end of the program however he has matured into a confident, reliable and hard-working member of the team. He has enrolled at college as a carpentry apprentice and will continue to work for Jericho while he is training.