Making a difference

Ryan’s story

Ryan (19) joined the program very late in June 2015 due to a space becoming available. His mother had contacted Jericho because she was eager to steer him away from the negative influences he was surrounded with and away from a life-style of crime. Ryan admitted that adjusting to the routine of work and being told what to do would be difficult but was willing to try. He had a small amount of construction experience and was interested in developing this as a career option.

Considering Ryan came into the project so late, he has still gained skills and experience in several aspects of construction including carpentry work and assembling pre-fabricated timber sections, landscaping, drainage, plaster boarding, and general carpentry and site maintenance. Ryan has completed a one-day health and safety course and is due to renew his CSCS card.

He has really struggled to adapt to the world of work. He finds it difficult to be told what to do, especially if he dislikes the task or feels he is being given the lesser jobs. Ryan has also struggled with attendance and is finding it hard to be at work every day. He is slowly beginning to trust and respect those working around him and has developed a really good relationship with his colleagues.

He really wants to improve himself and keep on the straight and narrow but is torn between this and the alternative life of making quick money and answering to no one but himself. He has achieved his target of getting back into football and is regularly playing for a team again which is a really positive move for him.

Ryan is continuing to work with Jericho on a trial basis in the hope that he can turn-a-corner. If not, Jericho will support Ryan in looking for other options.