Making a difference

Darren’s story

Darren has been in and out of prison since he was a teenager and is now in his mid-thirties. He never completed his education and the only formal training he has received is while in prison. He has engaged in numerous recovery programmes and back to work initiatives but none of these have been able to offer the opportunity of full time work and has been reliant on benefits.

Midlands Together and Re (Enterprises) Ltd have been able to offer Darren his first ever full time job and so far it has been a steep learning curve and exciting adventure for Darren. He was worried that his lack of work experience would mean he would not qualify for this opportunity.

Darren is working hard on site and equally hard at trying to turn his life around manage his money, taking responsibility for himself and his family and his home. His ambition through this programme is to become an independent person that can support himself. Darren is exploring what opportunities could be available for him beyond this programme as he has grown tired and fed up of his old lifestyle.