Making a difference

Shane’s story

Shane would admit that his weakness is drugs and particularly drink. He is a hard worker but has lost previous jobs and gone to prison as a result of too much drink. Shane has been determined to overcome this problem and not without difficulties is on the brink of being free from the drink.

The support and opportunity offered by the Together programme has helped Shane to realise that he has a lot more to offer himself and that he can move on from his previous lifestyle.

He has past experience of working within construction but has struggled to hold down work because of addiction. During the short time Shane has been on the Together programme Shane has physically become healthier and mentally stronger as a result of regular work. Shane has impressed the team with his determination to succeed.

Manual labour is something the Shane really enjoys and the satisfaction of seeing this project come together has given him fresh motivation to continue working within construction. Shane has been “really grateful” on a number of occasions for a chance that others would not have given him.

Shane completed his contract with Midlands Together in December 2014 and has found full time employment in the field of construction.