Making a difference

Tacumba’s story

Tacumba (25) began the program in April 2015 after working for a short while with Inspired Steps CIC on a project in Walsall. He had served a long sentence so had spent almost of his adult life so far in prison. This meant that the world of work was very new to him. He came across as quiet and humble. He wanted to start his life properly and provide for his partner and baby daughter.

Tacumba has been an all-rounder, involved in many aspects of building work in his time with us which includes demolition work; groundwork and drainage; lead-work; plaster boarding and suspended ceilings; concreting and footings; and general carpentry, site maintenance and logistics. He has completed a one-day health and safety course and gained his CSCS Labourers' card.

He has proved to be incredibly reliable with an almost perfect attendance and punctuality record. He has managed to stay up to date on bills, kept his car running, and has been supporting his partner and daughter.

Tacumba has been working on staying motivated and focused at work, and figuring out what career he wants to invest in. He has become an incredibly liked and respected worker, and is pleasant and polite to work with.

He continues to work for Jericho while they are helping him into what he wants to do next, whether that is with Jericho, or elsewhere.